Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I can feel it now

I can now feel the economy crisis. It's scary and I feel kinda regret now for the action that I took 2 weeks ago. It happened too fast, just within a week everything changed.
We have just collected the keys to our new home a moment ago. We're not excited about it at all. The agent brought us to a unit which her husband helped on the renovation. The renovation was simple and nice. We like it very much and plan to follow the design as well. The whole renovation cost was around RM10K, with kitchen cabinet + new tiles + wiring, which is a very good deal indeed. The moment we stepped out from the unit, we started to think about the money.
Do we want to renovate and move in to the house now? We'll need to prepare at RM1.5K for the house installment, maintenance fees and the utilities bills. All these were in our plan when we paid for the deposit of the house. But the economy crisis changed everything. We're now thinking of renting out the house first. At least someone could help us on paying the house installment. Sigh...what can we do now?
It's scary how things changed in the last few days...
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~