Monday, September 21, 2009

Krabi Part V - Day 4

25th April 2009

We didn't plan anything to do for the day as our flight was to depart at 12:50pm local time. After having breakfast at the hotel, we changed to our swimwear and utilized one of the facility provided by the hotel.
The airport transfer cab came around 10:30am and it took about 45 minutes from Ao Nang to the Krabi International Airport. The Krabi International Airport is a very small airport and there is nothing to shop there. Just a small store selling Phuket souvenirs. Yes, you saw it can get Phuket souvenirs from Krabi Airport but you can't Krabi souvenirs in Krabi Airport...funny huh? We ended up buying a Phuket fridge magnet instead. Arrived LCCT at around 3pm and headed back to home right after.
LKC & LPC @ Krabi La Playa
I always have very hard feeling on the last day of my holiday...don't know when will I be back again, or will I ever go back again?
LKC & LPC @ Krabi
Captured these in the flight
The Golden Palm Tree Water Villas @ Sepang Gold Coast
The end of our memorable Krabi trip. Though the posts came a little bit late, I hope this serves as a guide to those who will be heading to Krabi in the near future. Unsure when will I be back again or will I ever return? I doubt ... not because I don't like Krabi, I like it very much. But I wish to visit other places that I yet to explore.

Stay tuned for my next trip to Palace of the Golden Horses on my birthday, Macao + China trip in August, as well as a short trip to Pulau Pangkor on LKC's birthday.

~ Lisan ~


Ray Titus Ong said...

love ur new layout...u designed it? sorry 4 not been visiting ur blog lately...been really bz...

Car Loan Calculator said...

unforgetable memories^^

Malaysia Largest Car Classified said...

best place ever

Sbipk said...

Woww!!! nice trip. If you can’t decide for your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!

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kian chye Low said...

Hi. My name happen to be LKC too. I am going to Krabi from 26.6.2013 until 29.6.2013. Will be staying in Ibiza House in Phi Phi Island (26.6 and 27.6) and Gafiyah Guest House (28.6 and 29.6). This is my first trip to Krabi and i spend less than RM 500.00 for this trip. Air Asia (RM 197 - return trip), Ibiza House (RM 104), Gafiyah House (RM 36.58), Ferry to Phi Phi Island (RM 72.73) and pick up service from Krabi Airport to Ibiza House (RM 58). I enjoy reading your blog and it gives me an idea what to do while holidaying in Krabi. Thanks !