Monday, April 20, 2009

Renovation Day 5

Cornices in the living room fixed



Signing off,
~ Lisan ~


AiRa's stUfF said...

i found ur blog when i was googling about Krabi.. Since you have been there, i have few questions to ask you.. Hope you do not mind.FYI, im going to Krabi on 24th-27th July 2010.. This will be my first time traveling abroad, with friends some more (all are still students).. Hope you can help me..

1. How you book for airport tranfer (in ur case, a cab) to hotel because if im not mistaken Go holidays package (Air Asia page) does not include airport transfer..

2. How you book the tour? im interested to go to Emerald pool, Hot spring, snorkeling and do some rock climbing.. Do you book early as in before you depart there or you just pay for it there at Krabi?

3. i read about visa at
all tourist have to have Evidence of adequate finance (10,000 Baht per person and 20,000 Baht per family)to enter thailand. So, what did you do to prove to them that you have the amount stated..
(as this is my first time going abroad, i do not know such thing.)

btw, we do not need visa right, to go to thailand..

hope to hear from you soon.. thanks

p/s:your blog has been my reference since i found it.( hope u dun mind)hehe.. u r so lucky, have been traveling to so many nice places with ur loved one.. envy you..