Wednesday, October 03, 2007



Where got people so bad one!!

First time seeing people don't let people to clear the annual leave. No reason was given as to why he never approved. How can!! I've 3 more days of annual leave left after deducting my Taiwan holiday, I planned to clear it off during the Raya week.

This stupid so-called team leader never approve my leave. He was the one who sent out an email asking us to let him know our intention to take leave during the Raya period. So, without thinking much, I replied to him when and when I'll be on-leave. I have actually informed him about my Raya holiday. I just don't know why he never approved. He replied to me saying that most likely he won't approve the leave.

Of course I was very surprised. So I went and asked him (Gtalk with him actually). Then he told me that he can't accommodate me now, will let me know on the 11th Oct. Then I told, it's too late. I've booked for a tour, I need to know now so that I'll have time to cancel of postpone it. Then I told him that at least approve me one day, on the 16th Oct. The other 2 days I can come back to work. This stupid bugger said ... "I think its a no , if you need an answer now". Then I told him to let me know on this Friday whether my leave is approved or not and mentioned to him that I really need to take leave on the 16th. Then he said, "If you try to force on me this one , I will get Hari (my boss) to deal with, and trust me he won't be easy on you . You choose." Then I said, "No, you're forcing me. I applied for 3 days, now I took a step back. I just need 1 day, the other 2 days I can come back to work." The golden phrase of the day "I'm not forcing you at all. Your leave needs to be approved".

He's using his so-called "power" not to approve my leave. I don't understand why he wants me to be back here during Raya. What can I do? All the handover have already been done. I have nothing to do already.