Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Love White

It has been a while since the last time I changed my blogskin. Was browsing through the BlogSkin's website, trying to get some new blogskin for my site but it doesn't seem like there's one that can catch my attention. I'm feeling very boring with the skin that I'm having now. It was actually not my ideal skin, but at that time I was too lazy to find other subtitutes to replace it and I actually did alot of modifications on that skin. So I've decided to stick to that skin until I have the motivation to find a better skin.
White is always my favourite colour among other colours like black, blue and pink. I like other colours too but white will always catch my attention first and my priority will definitely be the white colour. I will always find that the white colour clothing is always the nicest even though some people say that you'll actually look fatter with lighter colours, but I just don't know why I will still choose the white one. Most of the people would prefer to buy black dress/ night gown, I don't find black dresses are nice at all. Maybe you'll look very elegant in black dress, but to me, I will definitely choose white dress rather than the dull black dress.
Anyway, I'm just talking nonsense here. I just want to tell you guys why I changed my blogskin to something very very very simple and plain. The reason is because I love white!
There are some websites that I'll visit to look for new blogskins. Just wanna share with you all if you all are bored with the blogskin that you're using right now.


Survon said...

Yeah..changing the skin really takes a lot of time. That's why I've never changed mine since I started blogging..hahaha..maybe it's time for a change at my side too...

But, honestly, I like your previous blogskin very much ler. This is just too simple...