Friday, January 20, 2006

Holiday mode

Seems like everyone is getting less "productive" in blogging lately including myself. There is nothing much I can write lately. Nothing really special happened lately. What can I talk about today? Hmm...*thinking**thinking**thinking*...talking about my jobs? Neh...not much interesting topics to talk about. My life? I already mentioned in my previous blog that I-am-a-boring-person. So, there's nothing much to talk about as well. Hmmm...oh yes, lets talk about the coming CNY.
It's 20th today, that means the CNY is only 8 days away. Oh time really flies. Still remember 3 weeks back, we were all celebrating the New Year on the 1st January and soon we will be celebrating CNY which is just around the corner. Just like the chinese's saying..."a blink of eye" and it's CNY already.
There will be some slight changes in this CNY. I was still a student till last year, and I'm a career gal now. A career gal, you know! So what's the big deal for being a career gal? I wish I could turn back time and I will always be a student. Life being a career gal is not as good as imagine. My dad used to give me money to buy my new year clothes every year until last year. And the best part was the money will be kept on increasing every year. How good is that, isn't it? Being a career gal meaning that you have to give money to your parents instead of your parents giving you money. I did not have to think about this all these while but not for this year...sigh. I've been working for 5 months already, but all these while I had not been bringing any money home...sigh, a useless daughter. I have been saving the money and I'm planning to give my parents a big "ang pow"...hahaha...try to imagine, if I were to give them money every month, lets say RM100 per person per month. It's not that nice to see right? But if I were to give them a lump sum of money, lets say RM500 per person for this CNY, isn't it looks nicer? With a little bit of accounting knowledge left, I think this way is better. At least, my mum will be proud to tell her friends that "my daughter gave me Rm500 for CNY..."...hahaha...silly me!
The meaning of CNY is changing as my age increases. When I was young, CNY to me was "ang pow", "ang pow" and "ang pow", nothing else except "ang pow"...oh yeah, of course not to forget new clothes and firecrackers. For now, CNY is more than's about family reunion. Since I had left home to further my studies 6 years ago, CNY is the only time where my whole family sits together to have dinner. My brother used to work in Singapore and he only came home during CNY. So, I really appreciate this period of the year. Now my brother is back to Ipoh but my sister and I are working in KL and both of us hardly go back to Ipoh nowadays. We make it a must to go home for CNY even we have to stuck in the jam for many hours. My family is getting bigger and bigger. For the last CNY, I have a sister-in-law and for this year I have a niece who is already 4 months old now. The house is getting crowded but I'm feeling very excited about it. Can wait for the CNY to come! Counting down now...


SweetSourBitter said...

You are right... After working, everything will have to be paid by ourselves.. :P and that means when CNY comes, we're gonna be really broke!!! hehe :)

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