Tuesday, December 27, 2005

24th - 26th Dec

Been quite busy during the weekend. On Friday night, went to Kepong to have steamboat dinner with Chun Nee, Cheng Ghee and Lik Cheong. Last minute plan, that's why didn't ask Fei Pin and Lala to go along...*pai seh**pai seh* Came home at around 10 something and online till quite late at night. Waited until 2 something in the morning only showered hehehe....a bit dirty. Chatted with Tarmizee, Paullie and Lik Cheong until 4 something in the morning, couldn't stand anymore, went to sleep and woke up at around 10am.Finally solved the viewing problem of my blog site. Thanks to Paullie for the help. Really appreciate that.

Saturday, Christmas Eve - Larry, the fei cai colleague, fong fei kei coz planned to watch King Kong at Mid Valley in the evening and to have dinner at Klang after the movie. Kanasai Larry, sent messages to me telling me that he had to have dinner with the prospects. Ooohh...so potong steam...luckily I was chatting with Lik Cheong the whole afternoon. Planned with him on what to do on Christmas Eve. Didn't feel like just staying at home and doing nothing. Oh come on, it's Christmas Eve, we have to go out and celebrate it. So ended up, going to Genting Highlands with him, Fei Pin and Faye. Met Pui Yee at Genting Highlands and celebrated the night with her and the gang. Everyone had their santa's hat on, and the celebration is Genting Highlands was not bad. We had our countdown at the Times Square, First World Hotel.

After counting down, walked around the hotels and at the end, sat at Starbucks and chit-chat. We left Genting Highlands at around 4am. Managed to reach home at around 4.45am. Sorry Lik Cheong for picking up your call but didn't say anything...pai seh pai seh. Was sleeping very soundly when you called. Next time call few more times, ok?

Sunday, Christmas Day - Woke up at 8am after receiving someone's message, and rushed to his house but couldn't help him much also. Just sat there and chit-chat only. Then around 12noon, went to KLIA to pick up my dearest LKC. He's back from US. Finally! Headed back home after that and just slept, slept and slept for the whole afternoon. Tired lah...not enough of sleep. Was supposed to go to Augustin's house for Christmas dinner, but forgotten lah...too tired, slept until 7 something. Went to Kepong to eat steamboat (again) coz LKC said he wanted to eat some Chinese food, no more cheese, steak, maggi mee, pizza for him. Played a few games of Big 2 with LKC and called it a day at around 2am.

Monday, Boxing Day- Got up at around 9 something, watched some cartoons and went to SS14 to eat Bak Kut Teh. After brunch, went to Sunway Pyramid for window shopping. Headed back home at around 3pm and LKC left to Ipoh at 4.30pm. Ironed my clothes and prepared to go to Mid Valley to have dinner with Alex, Lily, Lin Zhen, Yee How and another 2 friends (forgot their names). It's exactly 1 year that 5 of us (Alex, Lily, Lin Zhen, Yee How and I) met again and had a reunion. Still remember very well that 5 of us were in Australia last year and went for a trip to Hunter Valley on the Boxing Day. After dinner, watched King Kong with Larry and his friends. After movie, headed back home and called it a day.


Survon said...

Hey, finally your web is 100% error free..hehe...I could just helped you solved 95% of it...

Great X'mas celebration. If I was in Malaysia, I'll make sure my face be inside that picture as well..